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  1. Nionel


    Bred Trevenant with Tropius, and it hatched with Bestow.
  2. Nionel


    Furfrou learns Sand-Attack at level 5, not level 8.
  3. Nionel


    Houndour Level Up -- Leer -- Ember 4 Howl 8 Smog 13 Roar 16 Bite 20 Odor Sleuth TMs TM06 Toxic TM10 Hidden Power TM17 Protect TM21 Frustration TM27 Return TM35 Flamethrower TM41 Torment TM42 Facade TM43 Flame Charge TM44 Rest TM45 Attract TM46 Thief TM63 Embargo TM66 Payback TM88 Sleep Talk...
  4. Nionel


    Evolved my Cleffa at Level 3, so here are the moves missing from the post above. 7 Sing 10 Double Slap 13 Defense Curl It could learn the following moves from the move relearner at Level 3.. After You Healing Wish Growl Encore Added
  5. Nionel

    Data Move Descriptions

    Hone Claws | Dark | Status | -- | -- | 10 | The user sharpens its claws to boost its Attack and accuracy. Night Slash | Dark | Physical | 70 | 100 | 15 | The user slashes the target the instant an opportunity arises. Critical hits land more easily. Pursuit | Dark | Physical | 40 | 100 | 20 | An...
  6. Nionel


    Trained a Flareon from Level 1, and here's its set and TM compatibility so far... Level Up 1 Helping Hand 1 Growl 1 Tackle 1 Tail Whip 5 Sand Attack 9 Ember 13 Quick Attack 17 Bite 20 Fire Fang 25 Fire Spin 29 Scary Face 33 Smog 37 Lava Plume 41 Last Resort 45 Flare Blitz TMs TM06 Toxic TM17...
  7. Nionel


    Move relearner can teach Granbull Outrage, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang.
  8. Nionel


    Bred a Furfrou, it hatches with Tackle and Growl at Level 1.
  9. Nionel


    Been Raising a Seviper from Level 8, here's what I have for moves so far... 9 Lick 12 Poison Tail 16 Screech 20 Venoshock 23 Glare 27 Poison Fang 28 Venom Drench 31 Night Slash 34 Gastro Acid TMs TM06 Toxic TM09 Venoshock TM17 Protect TM21 Frustration TM27 Return TM28 Dig TM44 Rest TM45...
  10. Nionel


    Hatched an Eevee, it started with the following moves.. 1 Helping Hand 1 Growl 1 Tackle 1 Tail Whip
  11. Nionel


    Tyrunt knows Tail Whip and Tackle at Level 1.
  12. Nionel


    Just hatched an Aurorus, it has Growl and Powder Snow at Level 1.
  13. Nionel


    Here's a few more for Granbull... Level Up 35 Rage 43 Play Rough TMs TM45 Attract TM78 Bulldoze TM98 Power-Up Punch
  14. Nionel


    Just hatched a Level 1 Skrelp, bred with a Horsea, I'll post my findings for level up moves and TMs as I check them. Skrelp Level Up Moves 1 Tackle 1 Smoke Screen 1 Water Gun 5 Feint Attack 9 Tail Whip 13 Bubble 15 Acid 19 Camouflage 23 Poison Tail 25 Water Pulse 28 Double Team 32 Toxic 35...
  15. Nionel


    Wingull Caught: Level 7 -- Growl -- Water Gun -- Supersonic 9 Wing Attack 14 Mist 17 Water Pulse TMs TM17 Protect TM27 Return TM46 Thief
  16. Nionel


    Burmy -- Protect 10 Tackle 15 Bug Bite 20 Hidden Power TMs TM17 Protect Mothim (Evolves @ Level 20 if Burmy is Male) 23 Confusion TMs TM17 Protect TM27 Return TM46 Thief TM83 Infestation
  17. Nionel


    Bred a Snubble, and I've been raising it up since Level 1 and here's what I've got so far... Level Up Moves -- Tackle -- Mean Look -- Tail Whip -- Charm 7 Bite 13 Lick 19 Headbutt TMs TM17 Protect TM27 Return TM44 Rest TM46 Thief TM66 Payback TM88 Sleep Talk TM94 Rock Smash HM04 Strength...
  18. Nionel


    I was able to breed Spritzee with Snubble, so it belongs to either the Fairy or Ground egg group.
  19. Nionel


    Charm is 10 and Helping Hand is 16. Azurill can also learn TM17 Protect.
  20. Nionel


    Caught a Weedle and have been leveling it up, I will update as I learn more attacks... Caught: Santalune Forest (Level 2) Ability: Shield Dust (Weedle)/Shed Skin (Kakuna)/Swarm (Beedrill) Weedle -- Poison Sting -- String Shot Evolves: Kakuna Level 7 Kakuna -- Harden (Learned at Level 7 if...